From no doorbell, battery doorbell or a hardwired doorbell we can help secure your home with a Ring Doorbell!

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Existing outside light not working anymore? Now is the time for one of our Ring installers to remove and replace it with a brighter external light and a built-in camera for added security. If you have no external light? Not a problem, our electricians can install a new point and have your Ring devices fitted too.

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Don't fancy all the cables clipped around the house, but want an alarm? This Ring alarm system can be wirelessly installed on doors and windows it can also be linked to internal cameras to get a visual alert.

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Ring Doorbell

Installation from one of our trained Ring Professional engineers

Ring Floodlight Cam

Removing one of your old lights or adding a new one, we can include wiring to a new location.

Ring Indoor / External Camera

We can install and set up indoor cameras hiding all cables where necessary.

Ring Application

Our engineers can link your devices to your Ring application and show you how it is used.

Hardwire Or Battery

You always have the option of both but sometimes it's not possible or cost-effective. We will always try to install products hardwired as you unlock the full potential and never have to remove the battery and experience downtime.

We buy or you?

You're welcome to purchase the Ring devices and we can install them. We purchase from wholesalers and costs fluctuate and in some cases, you could get them cheaper than us, as we do not order online.

Want a Ring professional? Contact us today

We will install all of your Ring products to almost anywhere inside or outside your workplace or home. Be sure our trained engineers will have you setup in no time!

Postal address: 501 Northumberland Ave, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 8LZ

Phone: 01183090173 - 07918808415

Email: [email protected]

Get your Ring security camera or Ring Video doorbell installed by a Ring Professional.

Need a quote or installation from a certified Ring professional Installer? Products and installation!

What we do
We install all Ring products from a screw on ring video battery doorbell to a new electrical supply for items such as an external Ring Pro floodlight camera.

Getting you secure!
Please contact us here and specify the product you would like to use our drop-down tab to help assist your quotation. (Possibly a contact page with a series of tabs they can select like)

Just a few details required before you contact us to help speed up your quotation and installation.

Do you already have a ring device?
Do you already have a device installed that is not associated with Ring e.g an existing hard-wired doorbell or external light that could replace with your new ring equipment?
If you do not already have anything hard wired at your property or business address, you will be required a visit from an engineer to assess the installation.
You can always contact us here via WhatsApp and this will help us give you a cost for your Ring installation (sometimes quoted and installed the very same day)

How to speed up the process
If you or a relative have WhatsApp, submit your details on our Ring Products and installation page then send us your video of where you would like your new device…..Before you do submit your WhatsApp video, please watch our short YouTube video and this will give you guidance on what information we require in order to give you a same day quotation.

Contact tab
 First name
 Last name
 Property address of the install
 Best contact number
 Email address
 List the products if you have them already
 Any additional notes

We have made it easy for you!

Make a note of the key points our engineers mentioned (you might need a pen and paper for this)
1. Please make a video with as much information as possible that could help or hinder the installation
2. Send us the footage via WhatsApp (as the attachment will be too large for an email)
3. We’ll reply with our soonest availability (installation could be the same day)
4. On the day of the installation the engineer will call you when he’s en route
5. Your engineer arrives and installs the product(s)
6. The engineer will show you the app and how it works (on your smart phone or tablet), you can get the app here:

 Contact / organise installation
 Catchline: Ready today?
o F

 Still have questions?

After the fold:
 Youtube video ?…….. “Make a video showing me the route from the fuse board to where you’d like the doorbell installed”
 dfdf