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Electrical House Rewiring

Whether you’re buying a new property or renovating your home, you’ll eventually need to check the age and quality of the wiring to the sockets and switches.

Rewiring is undoubtedly a major undertaking, but it need not be a risk that will break the bank and we will take total control of everything.

When you hire BS Electrical, you can be confident that the job will be done right. We provide a complete service solution too and can manage most jobs e.g Plastering jobs, Heating & Plumbing, House Extensions, Painting & Decorating and Loft Conversions.

Why consider a Rewire?

In every home, the demand for power is increasing all the time. We all use many more gadgets and appliances, and our homes draw more power from the mains.

If the wiring in your home isn't up to scratch, you could be at risk of unexpected power loss or in bad circumstances risk of a fire. Old electrical fittings can also be dangerous, with fire being an unfortunate consequence.

A complete rewire of any property can be a big job, but it’s also an essential undertaking that can add value to your home, rewiring your home ensures the safety of family and friends, and it will also future-proof your home with additional extras if needed.

Hire Our Professionals

Rewiring your property requires time, training and skill. It is definitely not a job for an amateur or a ‘cowboy’ contractor.

Since 2005, UK law has required all homeowners to employ a Part P registered electrician to carry out important domestic work. If property owners fail to do this, they could inevitably run into problems when they try to sell the property. In the meantime, the wiring could be unsafe, risking shocks or fire. With BS Electrical we can guarantee you won't encounter this issue and all work is guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year unless stated otherwise.