LED lighting will save you money

LED Lighting Will Save You Money

LED Lighting Will Save You Money

LED Lighting Will Save You Money!


Is It Time To Change?

In a world of ever-changing electronic devices, from heating your home with your smartphone or tablet to making the energy-saving change from halogen to LED.
Most homes use 100% LED lighting but for some, this is too extreme, BS Electrical loves LED lighting are all different. There are many types of light bulbs (Lamps) as you may well know, but getting the right replacement now means you can save yourself some money!

Decision Time

LED Units of any sort can be quite expensive but it's knowing what they are and why they save you money that is important.

We will explain the pros and cons of making that switch from the hot halogen to the cool LED.

Getting The Correct Colour Temperature

This is the intriguing part, have you ever picked up a LED lamp and on the side, you have seen an image that looks like this?

LED lighting kelvin scale
As you can see in the title it is called a Kelvin Scale. Light Temperature is measured in Kelvin and you can see that this does change dramatically from one end of the scale to another, but it could not be easier to select your colour from warm white to cool white.

Your average halogen lamp is approx 2,000 to 3,500 kelvin.

Selecting the correct LED Light Bulb

It can be very confusing changing a light bulb in your home as you have to figure the dismantle procedure without breaking the fitment or bulb (Please Isolate Electrics before doing any electrical work or contact Bs Electrical for help) and what it is in regards to finding a replacement. Most people who don't know much about LED lighting will just get a direct cheap halogen replacement and complain every few months or weeks that it keeps blowing out. While taking the bulb in a store asking for a replacement of this product is simple, why not make it more efficient by asking for a LED replacement? Take a look at the guide below for a handy list of light bulbs.....


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Now For The Money Saving Part

LED lighting can be expensive to buy but what you have to remember is that you will save in the long run, it is an investment. A Standard 50w halogen GU10 downlight lamp can cost a couple of pounds to buy yet cost you around £7 to run a year. An LED 5w GU10 lamp can emit more light (Lumens) and can cost from £4-£15 pounds to buy but will only consume around 70p per year to run. Amazing right? Are you now thinking how much it would cost to replace all those bulbs inside and out of your home to see how much money you can save?

Buy Once Buy Right

As some of you know there are loads of LED lamps to choose from and yes you may think that the cheap ones are always the best... you get what you pay for. Think about spending that little extra as you want a decent LED light that will last and save you money, not cost you money in repeated replacements. Look for a well-branded LED light, here is a selection of well-rated:

How effective it is

A previous customer wanted to change every light fitting in their home to LED, BS Electrical fulfilled. We had a count up, booked them in and replaced all 150 odd light bulbs in their home with LED. They were ecstatic about the big improvement from BS Electrical for this installation. We had a call within 2 weeks to say they had a discount on their electric bill and they were very impressed.

A few more weeks later we had another call from our customer to say the electricity board had sent an inspector to the property to check out their home...

They said due to the huge drop in their electric bill they thought they had been tampering with the electricity meter in their home and needed to enter the property to inspect, with nothing to hide they let them in. To his amazement, all was in order and showing him a BS Electrical invoice displaying the LED conversion he was impressed.

The conversion paid off for this amount of light in very little time.

Times Have Changed

When the LED was made present to everyone, it was fairly dim, to say the least. There have been massive improvements and they are more cost-efficient and brighter. Now almost the same price of a normal halogen bulb, this is every reason to change.

BS Electrical only install LED unless requested otherwise by our customers.


Dimmable LED

Not all LED lights are dimmable, this is something you will need to look for or ask about. Look out for the description on the box stating this! They can be slightly more expensive in some cases but get it right the first time or once turned on they will flicker like crazy. In some cases, you will need to change the dimmer switch for an LED driver.

Security LED Lighting

Still using that 500w halogen security that you have to change the bulb in every 2 months? Why not use a 30w equivalent LED, the savings are pretty clear instantly in the consumption numbers.

Still not sure?

If you still have more questions & need answers, get in touch with BS Electrical & we will provide assistance via any method.

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