Rewire Your Home with this Cost Effective Guide

Rewire Your Home with this Cost Effective Guide


Simple Save Money Electrical Guide For an Electrical Rewire

Moving home and clearing out your property ready for a Rewire at the best of times can always be a pain in the back side, but here BS Electrical offer a painless guide to getting your rewire carried out in the most stress free way possible while saving time and money .

First step make sure your prepared

Do your research online for an electrical rewire so you can gather some useful information on what exactly you can expect from an electrical rewire. There is nothing worse than an electrician entering the property and the customer not knowing what they want.

Specify what you want

Get online and check out some electrical websites and images and gather some notes together in regards to what you want in your home.  I.e what color switches and sockets you would like, Chrome, Plastic, White, Satin, Nickle or Polished Chrome? The list goes on…. Get Printer happy and print some images off of what you like because at the end of the day its your home don’t leave it down to the electrician because you will have basic white plastic, with the images to hand show your electrician as this will then make life more simple for the both of you in regards to what you want and the quote can be priced with this in mind.

The same thing applies for lighting, there’s LED, Halogen, Low Energy, Low Voltage; have a look and find what you like. LED will save you money but may not always be cheap to buy after all you pay for what you get in my eyes, cheap is not always the best way in that respect. Then pick what color temperature lighting you require. All this information will amaze any electrician if you can do the research before hand and make both your life stress free.

Always have an idea of what you want

Remember this is your home not the electricians! There is asking for an opinion and asking for us to Rewire the house how they want to. Get some ideas draw a little layout of your home and mark on the plan where you would like your sockets, switches, lighting, phone points, data points, TV points, Garden Lighting and power and anything else in your rewire.

Electricians will always tell you what can and can’t be done and if it will require more work (More Money) nothing is impossible but be realistic about it.

Make Life Stress Free For Both You And The Electrician

Be Sure of what you want when having your house rewired

Have your plans and ideas to hand.

Get any details and printouts of items you want.

Ask for an opinion if unsure

Be Confident.

All of the above information will be extremely useful to an electrician. Keep them informed and up to date as any extras will be charged, This is how you can encounter big bills. What you think is an easy job may not always be the case.

Getting all the information correct first time, will save you money and time for sure in your house rewire.

This is important!

Make sure your home is not cluttered up with lots of furniture and items, Move what you can. No Trade wants to have to move loads of items every couple of hours to get to where they need to be .

This is vital to Saving Your Money

If your home is packed to the roof with items any trade will quote more for the inconvenience of having to move everything. This is because it is more time-consuming and has a knock on effect in an electricians schedule. Save yourself the penny’s in the bank and tell the trade everything will be removed so it is accessible and STICK TO YOUR WORDS

Save your money on a house rewire, time and Stress coming from an Electrician!

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